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Top 7 Advantages of Smart Parking Management System

11 March 2022

Top 7 Advantages of Smart Parking Management System

According to studies, parking accounts for 30% of traffic, especially in large cities! By 2025, this number could be considerably greater. Mismanagement of available parking spaces, along with an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, has necessitated the implementation of a smart parking system! This cutting-edge technology maximizes parking space utilization while also assisting with traffic flow. So, what is smart parking, exactly? What are the advantages of smart parking systems? Let’s go over everything in detail.

What is a Smart Parking Management System?

smart parking management system is a software solution that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology like sensing devices, cameras, or counting sensors to determine if a parking space is occupied or open, and then uses that data to create a real-time parking map.

These sensors interface with the gateway and provide data to the cloud in real-time. Vehicle detecting sensors then automatically display the availability of parking spaces. It can also be shown on the software or app installed on the accessible slots, allowing drivers to rapidly detect available space.

The Parking system manages all types of vehicles automatically using detectors, zone controllers, LED indications, a central control system, data/intermediate controllers, and other signage. It assists in customizing parking facilities based on vehicle entry and exit, traffic scenario, real-time vehicle counting, online payment, revenue collection, and ensuring that vehicles are secure.

Advantages Of Smart Parking Technology #1.Convenience

Driving around town seeking available parking spaces, especially during rush hour, can be aggravating. The inability to find a parking spot may result in lost business or influence customers to shop at other sites. A shopper’s or visitor’s ability to rapidly identify a space lowers friction and improves the entire experience.

#2. Real-Time Data

Smart Parking delivers extensive data sets that can be used to discover trends, peak hours, and other metrics that can be utilized in forecasting and reporting for a local government, car park operator, or business. The data and sensors can be linked into city administration systems using custom software.

#3. Reduced Traffic

When a driver knows exactly where they need to go, they spend less time idling and driving needless miles, which improves traffic flow in congested locations.

#4. Safety

By ensuring drivers maintain their concentration rather than browsing for spaces or making hasty maneuvers, less seeking for spaces can prevent accidents.

#5. Emerging business models

Smart Parking opens up the possibility of new business models that are only achievable because of technological advancements. Just a few examples include reward schemes, app-based payments, and dynamic parking charges.

#6. Integrated Payments

Real-time and electronic payment options via an app or a browser are possible with smart parking systems. This simplifies the parking process and gives more structured data to revenue streams (i.e. Categorizing revenue by parking facility, area, road, etc).

#7. Environment

One of the goals of Smart Parking is to reduce the amount of time and effort required to find a parking spot. It has several environmental benefits to be able to precisely direct a car to an available place; it minimizes CO2 emissions, noise, and other pollutants. Smart Parking and Smart Environment can be used together to monitor air quality and parking spot availability.

As a result, the automated smart parking management system has made parking a pleasurable experience for both drivers and authorities. Whatever you need to know, whether it’s where to park your car or where you’ve parked your car, it’s all just a click away! In addition, there are fewer accidents, disagreements, and risks of being late for work as a result of this approach.

Bottom Line

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