Crash Rated Hydraulic Bollards

Crash Rated

Hydraulic Bollards

For those requiring the utmost level of security, our crash-rated hydraulic bolts are a testament to high-quality engineering and robust construction. Meeting rigorous international standards, these bollards are crash-tested and rated according to PAS68, K12, and ASTM benchmarks, thereby assuring their capability to withstand extreme force..

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any security environment, our Hydraulic Bollards offer both aesthetic appeal and unparalleled functionality. Their operation is smooth yet unyielding against unauthorized vehicular access. These are not mere obstacles; they are sophisticated systems capable of significant force, offering an enhanced level of protection that standard bollards can’t match.

Beyond their sturdy construction, these Crash Rated Bollards are equipped with advanced control mechanisms that are easily programmable, ensuring adaptability to various security protocols. Whether you are guarding an embassy, a commercial complex, or any other high-security zone, these bollards serve as the first line of physical security, safeguarding assets and personnel from potential threats.

We recognize that top-level security should not come at the expense of operational efficiency. Therefore, these bollards are engineered to be easily integrated into existing security frameworks. The result is a smooth, hassle-free operation supported by top-of-the-line technology that optimizes both safety and operational flow.

Our Physical Security Bollards provide a fortified layer of protection that exceeds the highest industry standards, offering physical barriers and an unmatched sense of assurance in a volatile environment.


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