EV chargers

EV chargers

Step into the future of sustainable transportation with our advanced EV charging stations. Catering to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners, we offer both AC and DC charger variants, ensuring swift and efficient charging for any electric vehicle.

Whether you want to install a charger in a residential setting or at a commercial facility, we provide flexible installation options for every space. Our electric car charger range includes sleek Wall-mounted designs, ideal for space-constrained settings, and robust Column type options, designed for high-footfall public spaces.

Understanding the evolving charging needs, especially in commercial or shared spaces, we present our dual charger options. These come with an intelligent load-balancing feature, ensuring multiple vehicles get an optimized charging experience without overburdening the grid.

User accessibility is at the heart of our design. With inbuilt RFID access control, users can effortlessly start and manage their charging sessions. Moreover, the integration of a mobile app provides a seamless payment experience and real-time charging updates to the user.

For parking operators looking to offer an integrated experience, our EV charging stations come with an option for integration with parking management systems. This ensures that vehicle charging and parking operations work harmoniously, simplifying operations and enhancing user convenience.

Choose our ADQCC-approved electric car charger systems to offer a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and seamless charging solution for all electric vehicle users.


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