Our Automatic Payment Station is a highly efficient, user-friendly solution for seamless parking payments. This state-of-the-art Pay on Foot machine boasts a multimedia touchscreen interface that facilitates user interactions and serves as a platform for displaying engaging advertisements or informative videos.

Users can validate and pay their parking fee at the Parking Pay Machine by scanning a ticket or entering their vehicle’s plate number. The stations accept a range of payment methods, including cash, coins, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment systems. Plus, it gives change when cash is used.

Designed with accessibility in mind, our Parking Pay Station caters to the needs of all users, including those who are specially-abled. This user-friendly design is complemented by a built-in intercom facility, allowing users to communicate directly with an operator for assistance.

We also recognize the importance of language accessibility. As a result, the system features a multilingual interface with audio prompts to cater to a diverse user base. We offer Parking Automatic Payment Stations that blend functionality, inclusivity, and convenience, providing an effective and efficient solution for parking payments.


Our Manual Cashier system provides a robust, operator-assisted solution for collecting parking fees. These units are strategically placed inside security booths at exits, facilitating an efficient and hands-on approach to parking management.

Every aspect of this system is designed to streamline operations and offer an easy way for operators to manage Parking Payment. The system includes a ticket scanner, allowing operators to swiftly and accurately determine the appropriate fee.

For user convenience and transparency, each unit features a customer fee display that clearly shows the amount due. This way, there’s no ambiguity about the parking fee, providing a more seamless experience for the user.

The system also comes equipped with a cash drawer and a thermal receipt printer. The former offers a secure place for operators to store collected cash, while the latter ensures customers can receive a receipt as proof of their transaction.

Our solution includes a monitor for the operator, providing a clear view of transactions and enabling effective management. The system allows operator shift-based login, ensuring all transactions are correctly recorded and attributed to the right shift and operator.

Embracing the Payment at Exit concept, our system provides a seamless blend of technology and human touch. The design offers an efficient, organized, and secure solution for managing parking payments, contributing to smoother operations and a better customer parking experience.


Our Tap & Go Parking Payment Station represents the epitome of convenience in parking management. These sleek, aesthetically designed units serve as a final point for customers to complete their process, especially if they missed doing so at the Automatic Payment Station.

Emphasizing the versatility of Easy Parking Payment, these stations accept both credit/debit cards and mobile payment options. Customers can pay their parking fees swiftly and exit the premises without any hassle, effectively improving the traffic flow and enhancing the overall user experience.

Each station is equipped with a multimedia screen, offering a user-friendly, multilingual interface. Coupled with audio prompts, the payment process becomes intuitive and accessible for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

The stations also feature a built-in receipt printer, providing immediate proof of payment for customers. This adds to the seamless experience, offering a clear and convenient transaction record, in turn endorsing Cashless Parking Payment.

Reflecting our commitment to technologically advanced, user-centric solutions, these units blend easy payment options, customer support features, and streamlined design. The result is a reliable and efficient Payment at Exit process that significantly enhances the overall parking experience.


Introducing our Retail Validator Web App, a powerful tool that brings a new level of convenience to both retailers and their customers. This intuitive application offers retailers a platform to seamlessly provide parking fee discounts to their patrons.

Recognizing the need for flexibility in retail parking validation, we’ve designed the app to support single or multiple-user logins. It’s tailored to accommodate various operational structures, from small retail outlets with a single operator to larger establishments with multiple users.

Central to the Retail Validator Web App is its capability to comprehensively record every transaction on the server. This feature ensures transparent auditing of all validations, whether a discount or a complete fee waiver and provides invaluable insights into customer behaviours and patterns.

The essence of our tool is more than just parking validation; it’s about elevating customer service. It empowers retailers not just to simplify parking but also to foster potential loyalty-building interactions.

Our Retail Validator Web App is a testament to fostering deeper relationships between retailers and customers, harnessing the dual power of convenience and accessibility.


We present our Parking Validator Handheld, a revolutionary tool in the hands of traffic marshals. This handheld device is designed to optimize the parking management process with its multipurpose functionality. Combining ease of use with advanced technology, it promises to elevate the parking experience.

Our device features an integrated smartphone touch display that offers an intuitive user interface for operators. Equipped with a QR scanner, the mobile validator empowers marshals to read parking tickets and confirm payment status swiftly. This functionality ensures a streamlined check-out process and enhances the overall efficiency of parking operations.

The Parking Validator Handheld comes with an integrated ticket/receipt printer. This component allows operators to offer customers immediate proof of payment or, if needed, issue a parking ticket. Such features promise transparency in all transactions and augment the safety standards of the parking environment.

A standout feature of the Parking Validator Handheld is its capability to act as a ticket dispensing tool during emergencies. If the regular ticket-issuing system faces disruptions, operators can rely on this device to continue ticket issuance, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Our Parking Validator Handheld encapsulates flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in a compact form. Entrusting your traffic marshals with this tool ensures the smooth operation of your parking facilities and significantly enhances the overall parking experience for your patrons.


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