Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)

Under Vehicle Scanning

System (UVSS)

When it comes to comprehensive vehicle security, our Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), also known as the Under Vehicle Surveillance System, sets an unmatched standard. It effectively serves as a formidable shield against unauthorized or unsafe vehicle access, making it indispensable for facilities requiring stringent security measures. During a vehicle’s inaugural entry, our system not only tags it with its license plate number via the integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition System but also captures and stores a high-definition undercarriage image for future comparison. In subsequent visits, the system’s advanced AI algorithms carry out meticulous image comparisons, thanks to our top-notch Vehicle Scanning System.

One of the UVSS’s distinct features is its Foreign Object Detection (FOD) capability, a part of our sophisticated Under Chassis Scanning System. This scans for any foreign or suspicious objects lodged under the vehicle. Immediate notifications are sent to the operator if inconsistencies or anomalies are detected. Furthermore, this system harmoniously integrates with physical security bollards and barriers, thereby denying the vehicle unauthorized access.

Whether you’re overseeing a high-security military installation, a border checkpoint, or a privately secured parking facility, our Under Vehicle Scanning System ensures not only top-tier security but also remarkable operational efficiency. Designed to manage high volumes of traffic flawlessly, its performance remains unwavering under diverse environmental conditions. With our UVSS, you’re investing substantially in enduring security and peace of mind.


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