Tyre Killers

Tyre Killers

For organizations and facilities where vehicular access control is critical to overall security, our Tyre Killers present a formidable barrier to unauthorized entry. Also known as Tyre Spikes, this system is designed to prevent a vehicle from entering or exiting a controlled area by puncturing its Tyres.

Our Automatic Tyre Spikes raise the bar on safety and effectiveness. Unlike conventional systems, our Tyre killers are designed for high-frequency usage and can be triggered instantaneously, providing an immediate response to security threats. Operation is smooth, efficient, and easy to manage, making it an ideal addition to any security checkpoint or access control area.

Our Tyre killers can be integrated seamlessly with other security components like barriers, bollards, and access control systems, thereby providing a multi-layered security approach. This comprehensive integration ensures that the automatic Tyre spikes will activate once a threat is detected, incapacitating the unauthorized vehicle and allowing security personnel time to respond.

Whether safeguarding a commercial facility, a government building, or a military installation, the Tyre killer stands as a stalwart defense against unauthorized vehicular access. Its robust design can withstand the most aggressive attempts to breach, offering reliable performance in any weather conditions.

By investing in our Tyre killers, you’re not just installing a security device but implementing a multi-faceted, dependable, and efficient system designed to meet the highest security expectations.


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