Crash Rated Security Gates

Crash Rated

Security Gates

When it comes to safeguarding key facilities, our Anti-Crash Gates set the gold standard in high-security solutions. Engineered to meet rigorous crash rating standards, including PAS68 and ASTM, these gates offer unparalleled protection.

Beyond their robust build, these Cantilevered Gates are designed for seamless integration with various systems, enhancing their functionality. Whether synchronizing the Border Security Gates to your existing access control or to the fire detection systems, these gates provide a comprehensive security solution that leaves no room for vulnerabilities.

Offering more than just a secure entry point, these gates serve as an indispensable part of any high-security arrangement. Their ease of integration ensures they can function as a cohesive unit with your existing security measures, providing a holistic approach to safeguarding your premises.

By opting for our crash-rated security gates, you’re not just choosing a physical barrier but a multi-faceted, adaptable security solution built to withstand the most extreme conditions.


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