Wireless Magnetic Sensor Guidance System

Wireless Magnetic Sensor

Guidance System

For outdoor and unconventional parking spaces, our Wireless Magnetic Sensor For Parking offers a robust and reliable solution. Utilizing cutting-edge LoRa/IoT technology, these sensors provide real-time data on parking slot occupancy information to the server and strategically placed signboards. These signboards give users an immediate understanding of available spaces, effectively reducing the time and stress associated with parking.

These sensors are suitable for street parking, outdoor lots, and roof floors and are built to withstand the elements. They carry an outdoor rating to ensure their performance isn’t compromised, even in challenging weather conditions. In addition to their ruggedness, these sensors come with an optional LED add-on module, which provides visual aid based on their occupancy status.

Our IOT-based parking guidance system is designed with the future in mind, offering easy integration with other smart city initiatives. While traditional parking systems rely on cumbersome wiring and fixed infrastructure, our Floor-mount parking guidance system offers greater flexibility and quicker installation times.

This system serves various needs for those seeking a comprehensive yet adaptable parking solution. From expansive outdoor parking areas to compact roof floors, it covers every parking challenge you might face. Our wireless magnetic sensor-based system represents a significant advancement in parking management, offering a blend of robustness, flexibility, and advanced technology to make parking a hassle-free experience for all involved.


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