ANPR Based Access Control System

ANPR Based Access

Control System

Harness the power of technology with our ANPR-based Access Control for Parking. Our solution uses state-of-the-art LPR Systems and cameras to capture vehicle number plates at entry and exit points. The captured data is swiftly cross-referenced against a pre-registered database, granting access only if there’s a matching record.

This not only speeds up the traffic flow but also ensures the highest level of security, as every number plate detail is saved and monitored. Furthermore, the system equips operators with the capability to create white and blacklists, ensuring only authorized vehicles gain entry. This ANPR Systems approach significantly outpaces traditional access control methods, providing swift, seamless, and secure vehicular movement.

In addition to its performance attributes, we are recognized as an SIRA-approved ANPR supplier, which testifies to its reliability and excellence in design and implementation. Security, speed, and reliability converge in our ANPR offering, redefining parking access control and affirming our commitment to providing the best-in-class solutions for our clientele.


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