The Different Types of Turnstile Gate

Posted : 04-11-2015
The Different Types of Turnstile Gate

A turnstile installation is aimed at allowing one person to get through at a time. Also, referred to as baffle gate, a turnstile gate is meant to enforce only one-way traffic that too with the insert of coin or a pass or ticket or anything similar. The idea is to restrict passage of people at certain public points, such as, metro stations, where each passenger is allowed to pass once the ticket or token is accepted; or at any pay toilet; or at a lobby in an office building.

Today, the use of turnstile installations can be seen widely at amusement parks, stadiums, office lobbies, mass transit stations, ski resorts, casinos and airports. Turnstiles offer verifiable and precise count of attendance, thus adding credibility to your business or revenue. From the security point of view, these gates allow one person at a time aiding security personnel to spot any potential trouble or prohibit any transfer of illegal materials. There are different types of turnstile gates that have been discussed as follows.

The Different Types

  • Half-height- A half-height turnstile is often seen at major attractions, arenas and even fairs. Traditionally, this type is most popular that functions by letting the user insert a pass or ticket into a slot. The machine installed inside the gate reads a barcode from the ticket and if it is granted the sensor in the gate assesses the speed with which the user have passed through. Once done, the electric motor is set on to remove the barrier allowing the user to pass through the turnstile gate
  • Optical- As opposed to traditional turnstiles, the optical turnstiles are set at locations where any kind of physical barriers is envisioned un-aesthetic and unnecessary. Generally, you can find installation of optical turnstiles at sites where a kind of infrared beam is used to count the number of patrons and spot anyone who is trying to enter the site without any valid or concrete entry pass. 
  • Drop arm optical- This is an amazing combination of barrier or tripod turnstile gate along with a fully optical installation. The drop arm optical has security advantage of both types. There are single or/ and double arms along the lanes. The arms quickly drop into the recesses fitted in the cabinets, once access is granted. Therefore, when the arms are dropped and the way is clear, the turnstile turns into a fully functional gate. 
  • Full-height- You will find a full-height turnstile at 7-foot height. It has operations similar to that of a revolving door, thus preventing anyone to jump over it. This style of turnstile has been christened by many names, ‘iron maiden’, ‘rotogate’, etc. The full-height installation appears in further two types- Exit turnstile and Exit Only. The difference lies in the fact that Exit turnstiles can rotate in either directions helping in two-way traffic, whereas Exit only rotates in a one way direction thus helping in one-way traffic. 

Thus, to conclude a turnstile gate, no matter which type it is, is meant to offer optimal protection and prohibition against any unauthorized access.

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