Modern Parking System with Automatic Number Plate Recognition System and RFID

Posted : 19-08-2015
Modern Parking System with Automatic Number Plate Recognition System and RFID

In today’s life, parking complexes and infrastructure have undergone a major transformation. At present, parking slots are being automated with latest technologies and concepts. The parking areas are being made more efficient and user-friendly. The entire management process has taken a significant turn in managing the safety and security of the vehicles. The vehicle owners are highly satisfied and they can keep their parking woes at distant away. Public areas such as airports, companies, residential complexes, shopping malls, big restaurants and hotels and other buildings and premises are making provisions for parking solutions and development that the users can utilize to monitor their vehicles.

The RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification) is used to regulate the movement of vehicles across small, medium and large parking areas. The entire system is attached to a reader, antenna as well as a minuscule tag with which it ensures smooth movement of all vehicles. Such parking technologies are commonly found in Asian countries that include India, UAE and Qatar. The main advantage of this system lies in allowing vehicles to pass by even during hours of heavy traffic. The RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification) can also be used in managing municipal garbage trucks, tolling, and trolley movement in parks, railway, sea-ports and airports and in tackling cargo trucks. The team of workers is also capable of customizing such solutions according to the requirements of the customers and clients.

In addition to this, the Automatic Number plate recognition system (Anpr system) is a technology that is worth mentioning. It is quite a useful system to avoid violation of traffic rules and other related crimes. The system includes a camera that eyes on vehicles that plying across a region. The automatic license plate recognition camera acts as a mass surveillance and therefore can spot the image of the number plates on the vehicles of the commuters. With a wide range of cameras suited for various purposes, the best quality image can be captured by the authority. India, Qatar, UAE and Canada are blessed with such innovations and concepts in various sectors and are looking forward to it.

Omnitec Security is official DPS approved ANPR company in Dubai and we are Dubai police certified ANPR system supplier in Qatar also. With the presence of Omnitec, the parking industry is getting a renovation and is matching pace with fast developments and modern infrastructure, It can be concluded that such technologies in the parking management system has made life easier. Such innovative parking services are recommended for a well-planned and effective parking complex.

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