Modern Parking System with Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Posted : 19-08-2015
Modern Parking System with Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Automatic number plate recognition uses optical character reader (OCR) to read vehicle registration plates in order to identify the vehicle and to categorize the movements of vehicles. Automatic number plate recognition is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world to check if a vehicle is licensed or not. ANPR is also used to store the pictures taken by the cameras including the text from the vehicle registration plates.

ANPR system is independent of any weather conditions, it works well in day and night and any environment light. When the vehicle reaches the ANPR camera, the system captures a series of images and saves them. Automatic number plate recognition system can easily scan and compare more than 10 images at a time with high accuracy.

Automatic license plate recognition system is considered as one of the most required solution for vehicle surveillance. Automatic license plate recognition system uses Optical Character Recognition software that can process a digital vehicle registration plate image and show which characters are there on the image. The use of automatic license plate recognition technology has expanded and used across many departments from law enforcement agencies to parking and access control management.

In addition to this, the Automatic Number plate recognition system is a technology that is worth mentioning. It is quite a useful system to avoid violation of traffic rules and other related crimes. The system includes a camera that eyes on vehicles that plying across a region. The automatic license plate recognition camera acts as a mass surveillance and therefore can spot the image of the number plates on the vehicles of the commuters. With a wide range of cameras suited for various purposes, the best quality image can be captured by the authority. India, Qatar, UAE and Canada are blessed with such innovations and concepts in various sectors and are looking forward to it.

Omnitec Security is official DPS approved ANPR company in Dubai and we are Dubai police certified ANPR system supplier in Qatar also. With the presence of Omnitec, the parking industry is getting a renovation and is matching pace with fast developments and modern infrastructure, It can be concluded that such technologies in the parking management system has made life easier. Such innovative parking services are recommended for a well-planned and effective parking complex.

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