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Configuration Tool

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The Fastprk Configuration Tool helps users to easily set up their network. It is user friendly and allows configuring all network devices.


Set the location (longitude and latitude) of each device.

Group sensors in areas or sectors.

Give attributes to a sector like:

Type of area (payment area, Handicapped, etc.)

Set Payment information (pricing, description, etc.)

Occupancy thresholds (decide which percentage of occupation is shown as free, medium or totally occupied)

The tool is web based and can be accessed from a web browser. It is always accessible to ensure installations are working properly 24×7.


The configuration tool includes a table and map showing the different types of network devices:

Sensors and Sectors


DMS (Dynamic Message Signs)


This web tool allows users to check where network devices are located. By simply double clicking on a device a window will appear showing all device attributes such as:

Static information of the device like name, ID, longitude and latitude, calibration date.

Occupancy information like last occupation change, number of park events since the installation date, etc.

Communication parameters like date and time of last message received, signal strength, etc.

By using the same window users can also edit some of those attributes.


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