Why do we need a parking management solutions in present time?

Posted : 16-02-2015
Why do we need a parking management solutions in present time?

‘Parking management’ is very simple, yet a very effective word regarding your parking system. Often you face many problem in parking your vehicle, such as where to park your car, or who will take care of your vehicles, what if someone stoles my car/vehicle, and you always worry about any dent in your car, but there are a good system to prevent these problem and that is called ‘Parking Management’. A token based parking solution helps any company to make their parking area a safer place for employs’, as well as your visitor’s vehicle.

At Omnitec we provide you best technologies to make your parking area more organized and orderly. We provides both Token based parking systems and Chip coin parking system solutions. Here are some of our technologies, which are changing the definition of parking management.

1- Free master parking entry station:

It provides you a man less entry for vehicle; in this system you can only cross the barrier after touching it with a valid card or token. It also remembers the date and time validity of any card, and it simply means you don’t need to pay for any security for every month, isn’t it great.

2-Free master parking exit station:

As the name suggests, this is the technology where you do not need any security guard at exit point, here we tell you how, at exit, you need a guard to check any card’s/token validity or authenticity, but after installing this station, you will not be needing any guard or security staff. It can also prevent any unauthorized exit, in case someone did not pay for parking and he/she is trying to exit without paying, it will not allow them to pass the exit barrier. This is an unmatchable technology, and it is built by best engineers of US.

3-Free master parking lite station:

This is the technology that helps any parking management in terms of time-based parking.
So now you have just come to know, how helpful token/chip coin based parking solution can be, you just need to talk with us about any problem or query regarding your parking system. Sometimes a good decision can change your way or living, and even your life.

Besides, after every single movement, this world is changing and changing fast in terms of technology and if you want to stay ahead, you need to be updated. We help you to make your living easier and convenient.

So we are here for any kind of token based parking systems, token based parking solutions, Chip coin parking system and Chip coin parking solutions in Qatar, India, Canada, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

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