Use Boom Barriers to Manage Parking Lots Smartly

Posted : 30-12-2016
Use Boom Barriers to Manage Parking Lots Smartly

The boom barriers are also known as parking gate barrier, is a type of bar or pole, pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access. These are employed in the residential, industrial and commercial parking premises for safe and authenticated accessby vehicle.

Boom Barriers are usually mounted in the places where a high level of security is required. Consequently, you will find a gate barrier in all those places where the proper check of incoming and outgoing vehicle is required. They provide a high level of security and block the unidentified vehicles, and provide secure andsafe vehicle authentication.

Here are a few SubstantialbenefitsofBoom Barrier Installation:

1. It allows the vehicles to exit or enter the car parking area by automatic closing or opening the boom gates.
2. It aids in keeping the undesired vehicles out of the parking area of the building.
3. Boom barriers have both automatic and manual gates to block the vehicle.
4. Using automatic gates is more beneficial in comparison to manual gates asit provides advanced features inthe installation.
5. It prevents the unauthorized entry of vehicles into a particular property.
6. Automatic boom barriers allow recording of vehicle license number that pass through the gates. However, these automatic boom gates are more expensive as compared to manual boom gates.
7. Buildings like shopping malls, residential buildings, and public buildings like hospitals, colleges and hotels are the primary area where you will see boom barrier installed. They are used in staff parking areas in many commercial buildings.
8. It monitors the entry and exit of vehicles.
9. Boom barriers are an excellent method for controlling vehicle passage through toll booths.
10. It helps in controlling and tracking the number of vehicles parked and how many more vehicles can be parked.

With the smart technology like boom barriers you can reduce the ambiguity of availability of the parking spaceand thus controlling unnecessary traffic. Choose a reputed boom barrier supplier online who offers customized boom barrier gates for all your parking space needs. It is better advisable to choose fully automated boom barriers for advance security.

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