Understand the parking control system before install

Posted : 16-02-2015
Understand the parking control system before install

A state of art parking control system is equipped with the complete set of ensemble such as motion receivers, proximity readers, switch transmitter and channel transmitters. It is designed and developed in a way such that it can perform perfectly with other parking systems such as the guidance system, electro mechanical gate barriers, and the whole technical infrastructure of the parking lot. Better the system works with coordination with other ensembles, more efficient will be its controls. These systems need to be efficient as well as economic.

The basic requirements of a parking control system are its promptness and flexibility. It should be fast so that it can point out any deviation from its expected performance with considerable speed. Since the major objective of a control system is to point out any lag in performance, quick response is the basis of its objective. In addition to this, the system must be flexible. The system is expected to work in any condition and with various technical specifications. As it is a part of an integrated system, its coordination with other tools is an utmost necessity.

Simplicity and economic are other two major requirements of a parking management system. A complicated system is never easy to work with. The first installation can be done with some trouble; however, if the system needs to be upgraded at latter periods or if it needs a repair, its complications would make the whole system goes down. Therefore, simpler the system, better it is to use and to maintain. Also, the cost factor of any product is always an important factor. Anything can be made next to being perfect by investing on it. But, while doing so, the cost would rise significantly and could be a cause of its failure to attract customers. Therefore, the system must be economic. One of the primary objectives of engineering is to reduce cost of a product while upgrading its performance.

A parking management system should be manufactured to have proper industry specific standards. Its range of operation, measures and units should be in accordance to specific norms. Each and every parts of the system must be defined properly in measures and operative ranges. Additionally, it is important that these specified standards are within the average range so that they can be used with wide variety equipments with different standards.

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