Smart Parking Management Solution - For a Better Parking Experience!

Posted : 15-07-2017
Smart Parking Management Solution - For a Better Parking Experience!

What stresses you the most while traveling to office? Of course, traffic. With the increasing population and the number of vehicles on the road, the traffic is inflated. Traffic is making the situation worsen with each passing day, especially when you talk about metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

People have to leave much before the actual required time so that they can reach their destination on time and get their cars parked as well. This condition has added on the number of things that are making them lose their peace of mind.

Are you stressed if your car will get a parking or not? If yes, then stop worrying now! With the advent of parking controlling system (parking guidance & management system), it is possible to enjoy a better parking experience.

The parking guidance system offers different exclusive features to the drivers such as Traffic monitoring, communication, parking availability, position of your car parked, etc. The parking space LED indicators used in this system provide you data about the parking area. For e.g.: ‘Red’ means occupied, ‘Blue’ means reserved and ‘Green’ means available. Isn’t it easy to find parking now?

Not just this, in case you forgot where you have parked your car, this incredible system will let you know the actual position of the car. Thus, you need not muddle your head or seek the help of the parking security guards to find your valuable vehicle.

Besides the parking allocation service, this system offers many other benefits. With the application of detectors, zone controllers, LED indicators, central control system, data/intermediate controllers and various signs, the Parking system renders automatic management of all types of vehicle. It helps in customizing parking facility according to the entry & exit of the vehicles, the scenario of the traffic, count the vehicles in real-time, pay & get the revenue online, and make it certain that the vehicles are secured.

The automatic parking management system has, thus, made the parking a pleasant experience for both the drivers and the authority. Whether it is about finding where to park your car, or where have your parked your car-whatever you need, it is just a click away! And an indirect benefit of this system is lesser accidents, disputes and less chances of getting late for the office.

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