Remote parking barrier solutions to provide safety and security

Posted : 22-02-2018
Remote parking barrier solutions to provide safety and security

Remote parking barrier merged with a vehicle control system to produce the most efficient result and revenue. Parking entrance barrier form a part of site protection and efficient parking access control. A combination of the system used for security access at time of entering and leaving the parking area. The system is used for four basic purpose, security, safety and better parking control. For security the system used in the parking area of the organizations, it checks the access authorization of the vehicle who want to be entering or leaving the site sometime on a check post for stop vehicle for checking.

India ranked first in the accidental death because of the number of open railway crossing, heavy traffic area without any safety equipment (parking entrance barrier) government of India now launched some project for road safety which included to install parking barrier solution on every railway crossing and highly accidental prone area to avoid accidents. Parking entrance barrier can be operate with remote as well as access control system.

When it is matter of parking management then parking entrance barrier or remote parking barrier solution is first thing comes in our mind. Parking barrier can easily integrate with car parking access or parking ticketing system. The parking barrier arm will be lifted up to grant access upon verification from the control system. These remote parking barrier can be install in residential building, commercial business parks, hospitals and airport etc.

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