Intelligent Parking System offer wide range of facilities to vehicle parking

Posted : 21-04-2016
Intelligent Parking System offer wide range of facilities to vehicle parking

In each and every sphere of life, having a good parking system is important. Whether in office, home or public sectors such as hospitals and banks; a good and efficient parking system makes things run smoother and easier. Modern parking solutions and technologies have made life more flexible and convenient by offering various amenities and services to the vehicle owners. Such integrated parking solutions are automated and are more tech-savvy in nature. These also help in reducing manual labor and saves time, energy and effort.

Intelligent parking systems offer automatic management for all types of vehicles and provide end to end services. With unique designs, parking lots can customize their systems according to their specific needs such as entry, exit, traffic flow, access management and guidance needs. The entire system includes entry ticket dispenser with auto boom barrier, decentralized payment collection system or payment at exit and exit ticket reader with automatic boom barrier. Such integrated parking solution provide enhanced experienced and improvises the way vehicle parking is handled and managed.

There are wide range of benefits and advantages for today’s parking management solution. First, it assures complete safety and security of vehicles parked in the area. Second, it has surveillance cameras operating round the clock to keep check on entry and exit of vehicles. Third, it has controlled pilferage and reduces operation cost, thanks to cost-efficient technologies and installation services. Fourth, it gives accurate data for the exact number of hours parked and the amount. Fifth, it is credible and authentic and runs on low maintenance, therefore additional costs and spends are not required at all. Sixth, it gives quick ROI and is more flexible to use, operate and handle. All such factors drive more comfort and convenience to both users and the parking authorities.

The intelligent parking system software can be installed to enjoy complete benefits and amenities. The software can further be integrated for further ease and flexibility of operation. It also consumes less amount of time in installing the entire system and once it’s done, the sweet fruits can be relished. Overall, modern parking technologies are being constantly developed and updated with latest features and trends to manage large parking space and areas. However, authorities must upgrade and maintain their parking systems from time to time, to ensure that it delivers credible results and functions effectively.


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