Intelligent parking payment system requires modern solutions and services

Posted : 06-10-2015
Intelligent parking payment system requires modern solutions and services

Larger complexes, official buildings and residences being built, there has been an increase demand for innovative parking solution and management. Modern parking areas need to be well equipped with facilities and provisions that match pace with technologies and advancements. Parking areas need to be better secured and maintained so that people can leave their vehicles in safe hands. In recent years, great demand has been arising in industries, firms and residences to build a well-efficient parking system for vehicles.

Omnitec Group is the one and only name in the context of parking management and solutions. With a wide variety of services and solutions; the company strives to provide the best parking measures to complexes and official premises. The company is destined to conceptualize their parking strategies and technologies, thereby presenting the best solutions to existing parking problems. With more than twenty years of experience and skills; the company makes comprehensive parking automation on lower maintenance.

In countries namely India, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, such parking services and solutions are quite famous. These countries have embraced the ideals and execution of the company for its modern parking solutions. Omnitec Group first assesses the area of the parking space and then strategizes its spaces according to the needs and demands of various vehicles. We ensure that traffic is managed especially during peak hours. This makes the vehicle-owners hassle-free and enables them to save their precious time while parking their vehicles. With the presence of the company, the parking experience in daily life can caused a revolution. People are extremely happy about it and have generated positive reviews about the work, efficiency and skills of the company.

In addition to this, the company also takes care of automatic boom barrier system. They are also known as gate barriers and work automatically. It is another exclusive feature of parking solutions, introduced by the company. The automatic boom barriers look after the parking control needs of the areas and work accordingly. These are essential especially in busy parking lots and industries. The company guarantees on the technology and maintenance of the gate barrier systems. The boom barrier solutions can also be used for many operations and applications. It is indeed a technological revolution in the entire security and parking industry. These barriers are one of a kind that offer integrated solutions to parking issues and problems.

Omnitec conducts extensive research and analysis to develop the most integrated gate barriers. The automatic boom barrier can also be integrated with other applications and devices within the parking space. High quality and sustainable barriers are manufactured by the company. These barriers are ideal for ensuring smooth traffic all throughout the day. During emergency situations, these barriers ensure excellent service and operation. The maintenance employees are also punctual and provide the best service for all parking technologies. When traffic is high, the barriers control the passing of vehicles within a time frame.

It can therefore be concluded that with such efficient parking systems; industries and complexes are benefitted to a larger extent. With passing of days, more people are looking forward to such innovative solutions and are considering up gradation in their lifestyles. We are the solution to moderate parking lots, automation and parking maintenance. It has become a common name in the context of parking services and maintenance. The group has managed quite a number of parking projects and is on the way to spread modern parking solutions and technologies amongst the mass. Parking payment systems are great concern across various sectors so we are in market with intelligent parking payment solutions for our customers, our automatic pay station is designed using latest technology.

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