Parking barrier system: Its unique advantages and benefits

Posted : 10-05-2016
Parking barrier system: Its unique advantages and benefits

An efficient parking barrier and controlling system has become mandatory these days. With more number of vehicles in offices, hospitals, public places and residential premises, parking barrier solution needs to be controlled in a way that will ease parking issues. Owing to technological development, many parking control features and attributes can be enjoyed. Parking vehicles has become quite flexible with these easy solutions and services. Modern parking solutions consists of access control system, revenue management, security system, parking barriers and statistical information.

Advantages of parking barrier system:

  • An ideal parking barrier system ensures that vehicles can be parked and taken out safely from the parking lot.
  • With keyless parking system, the vehicle owners can easily locate their vehicles and move at ease within the parking area.
  • Traffic at peak hours can be managed with modern solutions, technologies and services. Tight security ensures that vehicles are safe and secured.
  • The boom barriers can automatically detect vehicles and allow them freely.
  • It consumes less time and energy for the owners, thanks to upgraded technologies used within parking systems.
  • Parking management solution also includes exit ticket readers and decentralized payment collection system on exit. It also eases the efforts of parking traffic personnel.
  • Pilferage is more controlled and operation cost is reduced.
  • There is quick ROI and is quite convenient for both the parkers and the parking authorities.  
  • Maintenance of the parking barrier system, its technologies and services can be easily maintained from time to time.
  • The technologies are quite simple to operate and it is versatile.

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