Parking Guidance Systems to find free parking space

Posted : 24-01-2018
Parking Guidance Systems to find free parking space

Parking guidance is one of the greatest way to offer drivers the most relevant information about parking within the supervised areas. Parking Guidance system includes traffic monitoring, communication, processing and vehicle counting.

Parking Guidance systems are designed to guide drivers towards the free parking spaces where occupancy levels are less. Most of the parking areas offers a wide variety of new technologies and designs to guide the motorists to easily find available parking spaces. The main motive of parking guidance system is to reduce the time in searching the free parking space which in turn reduces traffic jams.

Present parking guidance system helps drivers to minimize needless driving in a parking areas. Drivers can easily find free vacant parking space and traffic jams will also be reduced. Parking guidance system also makes it easier for drivers to find their vehicles upon returning to a parking area and offers the services providers a greater tools to upgrade their business and operations.

Parking guidance system offers increased security, safety, greater revenue and reduces stress of parkers while providing a high tech experience and complete information about the number of available vehicles and the free spaces.

Parking guidance system comes in different styles to determine either a parking stall is occupied or free. These guidance systems offers the use of LED display to show drivers which area is available to park. Parking guidance also helps drivers to provide complete vehicle information to the operator. Parking guidance system can be installed on various places like shopping mall, airports, hospitals, colleges, factories, hospitals and other parking facilities.

Parking services organizers are designing and implementing their parking system in order to create a smarter business that carry their end user and their revenue stream. Executing a parking guidance system is a huge step in that direction.


How does the Modern Parking Guidance system Work?

  • There is a LED display at the entrance that will indicate how many parking spaces are available inside the parking facility.
  • Display signs will direct the driver towards the available parking spaces.

As the driver leaves the parking area, the surface sensor sends information to display signs in order to update the parking availability.

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