Parking counting and detection systems are quite effective

Posted : 06-02-2016
Parking counting and detection systems are quite effective

Parking areas in different walks of life needs to be well equipped with modern technologies and solutions. Parking systems should be upgraded to increase capacity and management. Whether it is commercial sector or residential premise, parking control technologies have great qualities and features. These technologies account for its convenience and comfort of maintaining huge traffic and large number of vehicles in the parking spaces. The entire parking counting system is reliable, easy to maintain and gives accurate data. This is all the more feasible for parking authorities to keep firm check on the number of vehicles that are parked in the lots and spaces.

When vehicles enter the parking premise, it instantly catches through remote sensors. At the same time, when vehicles leave parking lots; the detectors become active and display the accurate number of vehicles. At any given time, one can see the relevant number of vehicles in the parking premise. The detectors work to gather information about the traffic movements in and around car parks. This information is transmitted back to the central parking guidance system. The final data is then used to determine the occupancy of car parking. It is a modern infrastructure that works upon real time.

The counting software maintains a database of all the count values together with user settings. This count information is processed to produce values on available parking spaces, overall occupancy and other relevant data. The PC screen displays such vital information and enables parking authorities to handle traffic within the parking lots. The software is connected by means of a network connection. It consumes fewer amounts of time and energy to install the software. The software can also be integrated along with other parking systems and technologies.

The parking counting technology has wonderful benefits and advantages. To start with, it minimizes congestion within the parking facility as well as in surrounding areas. The accurate data analysis allows better and more effective control on parking management resources. It helps in reducing running costs. There is less queuing up, thereby improving customer experience. It also lowers the effect on environment. Small cars, large cars as well as multi-level cars are benefitted by this awesome system. The parking spaces are more efficiently used and improve return on investment. The software behind the technology is capable enough to detect potential problems and threats that might rise in future. It gives early indications and conduct continuous count log in order to facilitate statistical analysis of daily occupancy, space utilization patterns and other relevant information and dynamics.

Therefore, to conclude, reliable parking counting system is a boon to the entire parking industry. It has made the work of managing parking traffic and vehicles, more convenient and easy. The technology can be installed at ease and suits to various parking sizes. It is well equipped with modern provisions by which it delivers accurate data and information. The overall functioning and performance of the technology is remarkable and worth commending. Altogether, it caters to safety and security of vehicles within the parking spaces and is highly reliable.

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