Omnitec on reliable parking management Solution - Research & development

Posted : 12-05-2015
Omnitec on reliable parking management Solution - Research & development

Research and Development is backbone of any industry, more so when it comes to the lives of people and security of the large premises that see a large crowd on regular basis. In the view of increased security threats in the form of terrorist attacks or road accidents, it becomes utmost important to bring forth innovative technology in the field to fight such threats efficiently and quickly.

Omnitec, a leader in security domain, supplying and installing the revenue parking management system, visitor parking system, reliable ticketing parking system and payment parking system products for over a decade, has a separate wing for research and development that is entrusted with conducting the research in the security domain and find out the ways to make the life of people more secure. The wing has a team of experienced people who have good understanding of the domain and are passionate to carry out the research in the field to make a mark in the field.

Security domain is at nascent stage in Middle East, Asia and is there an ample scope and need to explore it further to enhance the level of technology and incorporate the same in the products to make them better. Moreover, the technologies available in the domain have some deficiencies that need to be overcome to serve people with the best of technology.

Talking about CCTV cameras, there are various shortcomings associated with the cameras due to the limited innovations in the technologies. For instance, the cameras are not able to deliver the best result when there is fog or backlighting. Though these problems have been widely addressed by the process called ‘contrast’ that counters the backlighting, but the results are not as good as desired.

Yet another challenge pertaining to security domain related to automatic industry is making the automatic doors smaller and less obtrusive, safer and more secure. To achieve all these, research has to be carried out diligently in the field. So, that there is more sophisticated technology available to make the products simpler and more intelligent to counter the ever growing threats.

Our research team works on tomorrow's technology and on tailor-made projects for our clients spread all over the world. Our close association with the clients allows us to understand their requirements and find out what they really need and to come up with solutions for the present and the future.

If you have any particular project then do get in touch with us. We will be happy to study it and offer you the best possible solution. We shall provide you revenue parking management systems with reliable ticketing parking system.

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