Install a smart Parking guidance system for better parking solution

Posted : 05-01-2016
Install a smart Parking guidance system for better parking solution

Parking spaces needs proper and efficient management by its authorities. It is important to have a well-organized network of parking management to ensure better care and control over parked vehicles. Parking systems should be developed and integrated for best assured results. With modern parking technologies and solutions, nothing can be better than installing software and enjoying its benefits. Indeed, parking systems can be improvised and modernized for safe and reliable parking sector. PGI (Parking Guidance and Information) systems have been a product of worldwide initiative for the development intelligent transportation system in the urban sectors.

A centrally equipped parking guidance system can ensure better parking management and handling skills. This system is backed by excellent features and attributes, which make it one of a kind in the parking sector. The system processes variable message sign technologies and transmits the data to the centrally equipped system. It is quite dynamic and flexible technology that accounts for its convenience and support.

The reliable parking guidance system is utilized in various sectors, including commercial offices and residencies. Such a system fetches good results in providing relevant information at the required time. It informs and guides on various parking parameters, thereby enabling the authorities to have accurate data and information about their parking lots. It helps in wide variety of areas in sensor based parking system. Overall, it has numerous advantages and benefits which make it useful for parking spaces. It assures of safe, efficient and environment-friendly parking systems to the authorities and users.

The guidance system has various elements installed in it. It is loaded with detectors, led indicators, zone controllers, data or intermediate controllers, central control systems and signs. The detectors are loaded with different technologies: ultrasonic detectors, forward mounting detectors, camera based detectors, infrared detectors, magnetic sensors. Some of the detectors have a combination of these technologies and functions accordingly. The led indicators serve primarily to offer guidance to parkers up to the last available empty space. As for the zone controllers, they control and manage a group of ultrasonic detectors. The entire system is guided by an electronic map. The map is embedded in the software and directly reflects usage situation in real time.

The PGI system also helps in reducing congestion and is capable enough to manage traffic at peak hours. It also reduces the risk of air pollution and saves time for the vehicle owners. It directs the vehicles drivers to areas where occupancy is low. It is accredited with a flexible parking and transportation system, by means of its technologies. The system consists of an integration of parking technologies and software that are connected to one another. It is all the more convenient and feasible for the customers. Altogether, sensor based parking system is one-in-all solution for every parking premise.

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