Improved parking systems for enhanced experience

Posted : 23-09-2015
Improved parking systems for enhanced experience

With increasing dependence on private or self-owned transportation, the issues related to parking space and concerned operating safety personnel are on the rise. Vehicle counting system integrated with parking guidance system offer a scientific solution to mitigate such issues. The system is based on electronics and telecommunication technology that combines the features of data tracking, monitoring, processing and retrieval for the ‘benefit of visitors. These systems are especially helpful for large sized parking areas like stadiums, function halls, theaters, airports etc.

Parking guidance information (PGI) systems help visitors by providing dynamic information in the controlled parking space. Vehicle counting and guidance system provides centralized management of parking space by monitoring all entry and exit parking lanes. The information is processed to evaluate crucial unknown parameters like available spaces on individual levels and overall occupancy levels. Parking guidance is provided by displaying summarized information along with strategically placed signs so that visitors get an idea of available parking spaces, thus avoiding delays and congestion.

Effectiveness of the intelligent parking counting system depends upon accuracy of data input and transmission system. The systems assist in:-

- Tracking number of vehicles at the parking entry and exit. - Displaying information about number of available spaces in each parking lane.

When a vehicle enters or exits a given parking space there are certain changes in the earth's magnetic field. These changes are traced by wireless sensors or detectors and then this information is transmitted via radio waves to a server. A graphical user interface enables the visitor or parking operator to read data from the display board along with alarm signals against a plan view of the parking facility. So an accurate parking guidance system not only guides the incoming, outgoing or circulating visitors but the parking operators as well.

The counting of vehicles is done with the aid of detectors embedded underground or recording videos. As the vehicles enter the parking lanes the information is displayed in the form of variable message sign or VMS. According to the occupancy level and space available the VMS displays Zero or Full sign. By reading the message on the VMS people can make decisions as to finding accurate and comfortable spaces to park their two wheelers and cars. This enhances visitors' comfort and safety while mitigating stress. Accuracy of vehicle counting system is very important and maintenance of the installation needs to be checked regularly.


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