Importance of Automatic parking management system

Posted : 15-11-2016
Importance of Automatic parking management system

Vehicle parking management system is a growing problem almost in all cities of India. The term industrial automation is commonly used in this regard. Parking management system and vehicle safety barriers are accomplished by with industrial automation system. The vehicle safety barriers are used to control traffic and to ensure vehicles safety. They are of various types such as barrier lift arm gates, RFID system, ANPR system and more. Security bollards are commonly used in public and private places to control direct access of vehicle over smooth area. It assists in preventing heavy traffic. This type of traffic automation helps you in saving valuable money, time and needless traffic jams.

If you are looking for a vehicle boom barrier system always go for a technologically advanced. Normally you will see these boom barriers placed at location such as railway crossings, checkpoints, drawbridges, toll booth and parking facilities. The benefit of the vehicle control system is that they can be used along with every remote access system. The vehicle boom barrier is an access control system like biometric device used in offices. Most companies think that the access control boom barriers are complicated and it is very difficult to operate. But the picture is completely opposite; the system can installed easily and is operated without any difficulties.

The vehicle boom barrier operation is an architecture platform invented for managing car parking areas. The parking management system works on the electronic access control operation, it capture the image of the number plate by using RIFD technology on entry and exit of the vehicle.

The parking management system can be used in places ranging from ground level parking to multi- stored car parking with various highly advanced features. With the rise in traffic demand for various parking control system are in boom. The parking management system assists building automation professional and office management to control the entry of vehicle to restricted area.

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