How ALPR Technology used in parking guidance System?

Posted : 04-04-2016
How ALPR Technology used in parking guidance System?

People always talk about ANPR system used by the police in major or metro cities for security purpose but today number of cities and government institution that deal with secret information demanding ANPR system in their parking management system. ANPR was invented in 70’s for police to tracking stolen vehicle and reduce the crime rate in city. ANPR are generic term generally used in UK but other term used in all over world that is ALPR (Automatic License Plate recognition) system.

What is ANPR system why the companies and organizations want this?

ANPR stand for Automatic number plates recognitions. In this system number as well as text on number plate of vehicle captured by camera installed in any place mostly on entrance when we talk about the parking management system and check the numbers with stored database for granting access to in or exit of the vehicle. Most ALPR system used infrared cameras to take number plate’s picture stored in database that checked for access.

Technology Work

ALPR system technology that read number plate via capturing image through infrared camera and check this against the server where all the number those get access to entrance if server found the number has access parking then allow the vehicle to entrance. If server not found number data in database then generate alert or asking permission for given entrance to vehicle or not.

Two technological parts of ANPR system that shows quality level:

- A log-lasting, accurate and intelligent high speed OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
- A technology that allows intelligent structural analysis for complex structures.

What make ANPR technology more accurate or dependable?

- LPR system needs camera read number plates every second.
- LPR or License Plate Recognition system need most of the number plates must be readable.
- Widest range of picture quality must be handled.
- Server must be run 24*7 hours and fastest processing speed.

There are number of companies and government organizations adapting this technology not for better parking management system but it also help for the better security in parking area. Company provided ALPR system due to growing demand of technology in market.

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