Get advance parking control with RFID reader Solution

Posted : 22-02-2018
Get advance parking control with RFID reader Solution

Every organization demands more safer and secure parking solution in their parking area to avoid any kind of problem and congestion because car parking at peak time in organizing becomes a detestable person stuck behind a queue of cars trying to enter parking area, then for authentication and payment and at the end utmost problem to find out vacant lot but this not stop here person experience same while exiting parking lots. Manual and traditional parking solution are an outdated, organization wants fast and effective solution so they preferred Long range card reader systems in parking area.

RFID System comes under security products in the system can check the access authorization and then allow the vehicle to the entrance or existence. RFID reader system, UHF reader reads the Tag and this system works for short range and long range as well. Loop detectors also can be integrate with long range uhf reader systems for safety purpose. These are only used on those areas which have heavy traffic or regular interval traffic pass through.

Long range card reader solutions provide a read-range of up to 14 meter, semi-passive ID-tags and high security transmission protocol. Key features of the UHF reader are; frequency hopping, user programmable with software development kit, real time clock, wide range of interfaces and low output power. RFID reader solutions also enables the vehicles to entry and/or exit quicker, hence, helps managing the parking lots more efficiently.

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