Automated Gate barriers and loop detectors: essentials of a well-equipped parking system

Posted : 31-08-2015
Automated Gate barriers and loop detectors: essentials of a well-equipped parking system

Parking areas need to be upgraded and well-structured in modern days. As we have stepped into an era where modern means are finding way towards acceptance, parking complexes are giving a second thought while considering modifications and improvement. The modern parking areas are looking forward to efficient systems and construction. The entire parking control system is being renovated so that commuters won’t find it difficult and feel safe at the same time.

With the presence of the automated Gate barrier, various needs and necessities pertaining to parking control are being addressed. The gate barriers are well equipped with modern technologies, features and attributes. Based on vast and extensive research, they are being crafted with care and passion. High quality barriers are manufactured by us for residential, industrial and commercial use. During hours of heavy traffic, these barriers perform well and deliver high performance. The boom barriers can be easily integrated with different accesses to fire alarms and other emergency equipment. Apart from this, there is additional access to third party applications, which makes it function smoothly. It is indeed a unique system that has gained massive recognition in recent years. Countries namely India, Qatar and UAE are well known for the presence of such efficient parking management systems in the parking spaces.

The Loop detectors have become an essential in modern parking lots. These detectors are used to sense the presence of all vehicles before opening the gate barriers. The magnetic detectors comprise of three significant parts: a loop extension cable, a detector and a loop. The loop is connected with the loop extension cable and the entire system is compiled to assure the commuters about high performance and safety. Omnitec has been keen on securing expertise in developing loop detection technology. Such a system is more evident across the private and public sector industries, home and office security, garage security, managing attendance system as well as in varied other sectors. India, Qatar, UAE and Canada are regular users of such efficient and tech-based solutions. The technology is also useful in managing unnecessary operational overheads.

Therefore, to conclude the gate barriers and loop detectors work wonders in various public places. With lower maintenance and affordable cost, Omnitec has emerged to be a boon to loop counting system and arising demands. The commuters are well assured about operations and maintenance, which is why they feel quite good and satisfied at the quality of service.

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