Benefits of Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Posted : 19-02-2018
Benefits of Under Vehicle Surveillance System

An under vehicle inspection system contains an imaging systems that is embedded on a highway and used at service access points. Under vehicle inspection systems are generally used to identify threats that are invisible under vehicles. The first under vehicle scanning system was developed in the late 1980s.

Under vehicle camera system take images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual observation for security cause. Under vehicle surveillance systems can be permanent (mounted in the road), fixed (attached to the road's surface) or portable.



When the automobile reaches at the checkpoint the cameras capture images and transfer them to the control unit where the images are displayed on a monitor. The control unit and monitor can be located outside in proximity to the checkpoint.

In UVIS system images can be stored for later observation or can be operated for closer survey while the vehicle is delayed.



It helps security person to observe suspected variations to the undercarriage of a returning vehicle. UVIS suppliers have also designed and developed a variety of security cameras to help workforce to identify threats.

Hand held mirrors were in use before under vehicle scanning system or UVSS solutions, hand held mirrors are among the least expensive and oldest technologies, they have restricted applications and place security workforce in close danger.

Moreover, working thorough inspection of the vehicle’s undercarriage using hand held mirrors is a very time consuming procedure. Most importantly, some mirrors provide a restricted view, failing to show screener key areas toward the middle of the vehicle.

For some applications like border crossings, where the motive is to determine possible illegal movement of vehicles, mirrors can often be used without adjusting safety.

The Under Vehicle Surveillance Solutions produces a high-resolution color images, sharp images.

UVSS has the ability to place cameras anywhere along the length of the ramp.

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