Access control with vehicle parking barrier system

Posted : 23-02-2018
Access control with vehicle parking barrier system

In India industrial security is one of the major concerns for all the industries and government Institutions number of companies join the market to provide security and parking management. Omnitec is one of them who provide vehicle barrier systems with the different range of models and specification. Parking access control barrier is made available in different lengths as per the requirements of space. These are made from robust steel materials with aluminum arm, keeping them free from any scratch. An advanced technology is utilized in manufacturing of vehicle barrier system, rendering them extremely reliable in use and low maintenance cost.

Access barrier solutions are two types that are manual and motorized boom barrier manual barrier are easy to install and operate. In motorized boom barrier consist of DC motor and lever which can be controlled by remote as well as push button. Automatic /electric boom barrier is operated through push button, RFID, UHF reader, ANPR camera, loop detector and remote control.

Nowadays automatic access control barrier is more popular than manual operated boom barrier due to technology advancement and modernization of the world also having some feature such as powerful and quick, With some length variation from 3 - 6M and it's completely open (900) in 2-6 Sec. Some gate barrier systems have joint arm structure used in some special cases, boom barrier installed in paired and single dimension to block traffic of one or both side.

Omnitec supplies segment best parking access barrier system and remote gate barriers with high accuracy being affordable. Our Boom barriers maintain faster response times and are highly reliable.


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