Smart City Parking Solutions

Smart City Parking Solutions

  • Smart City Parking Solutions

Omnitec provides smart city parking systems that allows cities and operators to manage parking resources more efficiently and parking operators to generate additional revenue.

The wireless system uses smart sensors installed in parking spaces and guides drivers to areas with vacancies via electronic panels and mobile Apps.

While Omnitec provides drivers with information to save gas, money, and nerves, parking operators can leverage insights and updates to optimize parking policies.

Omnitec have the only system on the market featuring an integrated monitoring tool for sensors which provides real-time sensor updates on battery status, temperature, last message transmitted, and more.



– Cloud based or On-premise software suite

– Minimum of 95% certified accuracy

– 24/7 Real-Time turnover information

– Applicable to delimited & un-delimited parking sepaces

– Detection of overstaying vehicles

– Centralized data management from a single control center

– Data analytics software

– Private or public network (SIGFOX®, LORA®)

– Flexible Integration with third party Apps


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