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Parking Management System

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Omnitec use leading edge technology to provide stress free and effective parking management systems. Omnitec Group now stand as the top service provider across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India, Canada as well as the African countries for parking management system. Our Parking Management Solutions are designed to showcase a new conception in resolving your parking problems. We have almost 20 years of expertise in providing comprehensive parking management systems for the automation of parking.

Our courteous team always carries out an on-site assessment in an extensive manner. In the end they evaluate all the nearby infrastructures along with a specific accounting of traffic assessment and come with the best possible solution that improves the overall parking experience with respect to the needs.

Omnitec has been catering to various requirements of smart parking management solution for years now. Our products are based on the studies conducted to make the parking lots convenient to use and safe. We provide a variety of parking management applications including the prevention of unauthorized parking and the enforcement of parking time limits. You can count on our products to ensure hassle free parking spaces.

Omnitec car parking management system also carries Car Parking counting system, Valet parking solutions which can be manual or automatic pay stations & Ticket validating machines. The Best in class parking control systems that Omnitec offers are assured with increased accuracy & affordable technology. We provide a complete parking management solutions for sites with multiple parking difficulties.

We are delighted to offer our flexible Parking Control solutions and services in India, UAE and Qatar, to know more kindly approach Omnitec.


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