Parking Counting System

Parking Counting System

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Parking counting system is more powerful and is totally dependent on the accuracy of the data input. It is one of the most suitable technology that works according to site conditions, traffic behavior and other environmental factors. It is a centralized parking management system that allow authorities to take better care of their parking. By means of this modern technology, authorities are informed about the exact number of vehicles that are kept in the parking lots. It is quite an effective technology that uses loop detectors to detect the presence of the vehicles in the entire parking area.

Omnitec is one of the best service providers in the parking industry as we have been delivering the best value added parking counting solutions. To satisfy the best interest of our valued customers we constantly work for the continuity in the outgrowth of our service and technology.

Omnitec provides a wide range of parking counting display systems duly customized to each project requirements which can display the No. of available slots in addition to OPEN/FULL messages.

Omnitec offers special design-built applications on multi-level parking counting systems that reflects the number of spaces that are available in each parking levels. Our Parking Control Software simplifies the management by providing a broad scope of features that can control and access the systems from PC & also allows remote monitoring & control of the same.

Every parking lots in malls, residential complexes and offices requires the installation of Parking Counting System for the automation of motor parking.


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