Long Range RFID System

Long Range RFID System

  • Long Range RFID System
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RFID or Radio frequency identification system use radio waves to read, and interact with data stored on a tag. Tags are usually attached to objects, and can be read from short distance and long distance as well. RFID System is the collection of components like, reader, bar-code and antenna. The major benefit of the RFID system is to pass and stop of the authorized and unauthorized vehicles which helps to handle higher volume of vehicle during peak traffic hours.

Our RFID system can also be installed for various customized applications such as - IT Parks, tolling, trolley management in Airports, railway, handling municipal garbage trucks, instant people passage, Sea Ports & Terminal management's solutions for handling cargo trucks etc.

Omnitec system offers a wide range of RFID systems & our in-house research & development team is fully capable of developing customized solutions for our customer’s integrated applications. Omnitec offers wide range of products for various applications which includes short range, Long range and two types of tags active (these tags contains their own power source; benefit of these tags is that the reader can be far away and still receive the signal.) & passive however, passive card does not require power batteries, and can be much smaller in size and have a virtually unlimited life span, beside that we treats & handles all the applications efficiently with its decades of experience in various fields.


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